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Bitrix24 is an online workspace featuring tools designed to help you run your business easier and more efficiently. We’ve got task and project management tools, CRM, chats, video calls, website builder, telephony, CRM marketing and analytics, and so much more. The beauty of Bitrix24 is that all of these otherwise individual tools are conveniently packaged in a single online service, seamlessly integrated with each other, and available to you via a standard browser version, desktop app, or mobile app. Oh, and we do not limit the number of users per account – you can have as many as you want. Grow as you go and scale up with Bitrix24.


Unified sales, marketing and project management solutions with cloud and on-premise editions. Low cost and quick to implement.

Customer Relationship Management

The CRM provides a platform to organise and track interaction with potential or existing clients, partners, agents and other contacts. All new events including phone calls, messages and meetings, are connected with a contact or company and related quote and deal records. The CRM allows you to automate your sales process to speed up your internal actions and provide better service to your customers. Run marketing campaigns through email and SMS channels, collect payments and report on all your team’s activity.

Tasks & Projects

Extensive organisational and collaboration features which enhance efficiency at the personal and team levels. Tasks can be created for yourself only or assigned to a colleague or group. Collaborate through chat at task and group level, set deadlines and view the teams progress in Kanban and Gantt charts. Workgroups include a dedicated space where all of the files, discussions, calendars and tasks pertaining to a project are stored and accessed by users who are responsible for the project. Time spent on tasks can be tracked and groups can be opened to clients and suppliers.


If your employees need to ask for leave, submit expenses, request technical assistance or put a purchase request in, they can do it with Workflows. All Workflow updates are posted to your assignments page for your approval or input and notifications are visible in the activity stream, and via the mobile app. Custom Workflows can be created allowing automation of many administrative tasks and improving the speed and efficiency of your operations.

Chat & Video

Nothing is faster than real time communications and these all tools are built into your system including instant messaging, voice & video calls, group chat and conferencing. Hold a video call with up to 24 people, share screens and swop files live on the call. Invite your customer and suppliers into a conference call using voice or video with the extranet portal.

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